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I would like to thank everyone who has become a monthly donor to the Captain Paul Watson Foundation.

The monthly donor program will keep the Foundation functioning as we work to find re-establish our aggressively non-violent campaigns.

In the new year we will be looking for volunteer crew, both on the for on the sea and on land.

We have lost what I created in 1977 and what we have built over the last four and a half decades, but we still have the skills and most importantly we still have the passion, the courage and the imagination.

We have many former ship's officers, crew and shore volunteers ready and waiting to be deployed.

They have taken our name, they have taken our logo and our flag but they will never own our spirit and our resolve.

What we have accomplished has been incredible but what we will accomplish in the future will be unprecedented.

If you care about the future for life and diversity in the sea and if you support our controversial but effective campaigns please do consider becoming a monthly donor.

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