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What I created has been taken from me,

What I designed decades ago

Has been stolen.

Many have betrayed me,

Have taken control.

I’m being sued by my own creation,

For using my own name,

Sued using funds from supporters,

Who are unaware of the deception.

My ships have been scrapped,

My legacy cancelled,

My history rewritten,

Or removed.


I feel renewed,

Inspired and motivated,

Challenged to a fight,

That I am ready for.

Eager for action.

A new ship,

Loyal supporters,

Loyal veteran crew,

Loving family and true friends,

They took the money.

They took the contacts

They took everything except:

What is truly important.



There are whales to be saved,

Dolphins to be rescued,

Turtles to be protected,

So many real challenges,

Against real enemies,

Dangerous enemies.

Enemies waiting for me to die,

To disappear.

This enemy within is trying to bury me,

They have a problem.

A very real problem they can’t overcome.

Their problem is this:

I am the Seed.

Cut me down.

I will grow again,

Stronger and wiser.

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