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2022, a year of challenges, betrayals and internal conflict has ended.

On to 2023.

We have a strong fast ship, and the whales need us on many fronts. Iceland, Norway, Denmark and the Faroe Islands and Japan.

In 1975 I began a lifelong campaign to eradicate the evil of whaling and dolphin killing.

Since then, we have accomplished a great deal.

In June 1975, that day when I looked into the eye of a dying whale in the North Pacific Ocean, I made a vow to myself to dedicate my life to protecting and defending the Cetacean Nation. I made a promise to that great dying Mind in the Water that I would eradicate the evil of whaling in my lifetime.

I had to leave Greenpeace to do that. It required a more aggressive, yet still non-violent approach. As a result, I hunted down the notorious pirate whaler Sierra, rammed and sank it. That was followed by sinking half the Spanish whaling fleet and forcing the end to Spanish whaling and the shutting down of the pirate whalers Cape Fisher, the Susan and the Theresa.

I invaded Soviet Siberia in 1981 to expose illegal Russian whaling and in 1986, organized the sinking of half the Icelandic whaling fleet and the shutting down of Icelandic whaling for 17 years. This was followed by confrontations in Norway and the sinking of four Norwegian whalers. And finally, the decade long confrontation with the Japanese Antarctic whaling fleet and their retreat from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

When I began Australia was a whaling nation, as were Chile, Spain, South Africa, Peru. However, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Japan still continue to murder whales and dolphins and we must continue to stop them.

As of 2019, all whaling in international waters has ended at least for now. I expect Japan to return to the Southern Ocean and it is imperative that when they do, we will be ready to intercept them.

I have been removed from Sea Shepherd but that has not removed my passion to end the killing of whales and dolphins. That work will never end.

We are ready.

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation has acquired a strong fast ship, the John Paul DeJoria 2 and soon together with our partners, we will have three more ships, including one dedicated to defending the Amazon River Dolphins.

We need to maintain and operate these ships and we can only do it by having a secure monthly budget and we can only do that with guaranteed monthly donors.

So, on this last day of the year 2022, I would like to ask everyone who supports our work to protect life and diversity in the sea, to protect the whales and dolphins, to become a monthly recurring donor.

The monthly donor program provides us with the security we need to maintain the ships and campaigns.

Become a Watson Whale Warrior by signing up for the Neptune’s Navy Monthly giving program.

Our immediate goal is to recruit a thousand monthly donors

You can make us strong! You can keep us strong!

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