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Empower the Ocean's Guardians: Your Donation Makes Waves

Every drop in the ocean counts, and so does every donation to the Captain Paul Watson Foundation. You become a Pirate Patron, directly fueling the frontline efforts in marine conservation.

Your generosity keeps us sailing forward, expanding our fleet and maintaining the vessels that are crucial for our direct-action campaigns. You become the lifeline for endangered species, giving them a fighting chance against the threats they face every day. 

As a Pirate Patron, your recurring support creates a ripple effect, spreading awareness and inspiring action during this pivotal time for our oceans. 

Special Token of Appreciation:

As a thank you for your steadfast support, after your second monthly donation, we will send you a 10% discount code for our shop - and we'll cover the shipping. Watch your inbox for this token of gratitude. 

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Amplify Our Cause: Lead Your Own Campaign for the Oceans

Create a wave of change by setting up your campaign page today. Your leadership can inspire others to join our voyage towards a sustainable future for our oceans.

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