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To defend life in the sea through a unique strategy of aggressive non-violence and intervention against illegal operations exploiting life in the sea.

Prepare to witness a force unlike any other in the realm of ocean conservation. We are the catalysts of change, launching impactful direct-action campaigns that redefine the rules of engagement.

Positioned fearlessly on the frontline, we battle relentlessly for the preservation of our seas. Our commitment goes beyond advocacy; it embodies a fierce rebellion against the status quo. With unyielding determination, we leave an indelible mark upon the pages of conservation history.

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation is a public charity whose purpose is to support, intervene, educate, and raise awareness regarding Ocean conservation.

Welcome to the Captain Paul Watson Foundation, the forefront collective dedicated to preserving and protecting marine life and their habitats. Inspired by Captain Paul Watson’s pioneering efforts against illegal poaching and the degradation of marine environments, we are driven to continue this critical work.

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