Volunteer for Ocean Conservation:

Join our volunteer programs at the Captain Paul Watson Foundation and contribute to critical ocean conservation efforts. Our initiatives on land and at sea are fundamental to the success of our campaigns. As a Land Crew member, you’re the local touchpoint for community engagement and advocacy, making a difference right in your own backyard. Ship Crew members are the backbone of our at-sea operations, conducting essential marine research and protecting vulnerable ecosystems firsthand..

Volunteering Opportunities:

We offer a range of volunteering opportunities tailored to suit different interests and capabilities. Whether you’re contributing from your community or joining our crews at sea, your involvement is crucial. You’ll not only support our mission but also develop valuable skills and knowledge about marine conservation.

  • Land Crew: Engage with local communities through educational programs, beach clean-ups, and fundraising events. You’ll be the local arm of our global efforts, driving change from the ground up.
  • Ship Crew: Join our crew on the front lines, where you’ll participate in direct-action operations that protect marine habitats and wildlife. Experience life at sea with a purpose.

Act Now for Ocean Conservation:

By volunteering with the Captain Paul Watson Foundation, you join a worldwide movement committed to the health and longevity of our oceans. Your hands-on involvement, whether on land or at sea, is pivotal to advancing our conservation efforts for current and future generations. If you cannot volunteer your time but still wish to contribute, consider supporting our cause with a donation. Every contribution, large or small, fuels our vital work.

Empower the Ocean’s Guardians: Your Donation Makes Waves

Support the Captain Paul Watson Foundation’s mission to protect our oceans. By getting involved, you’re not just a supporter—you’re a leader in the movement for healthy marine ecosystems. Your actions contribute to a global effort that preserves the ocean’s natural beauty for the future.