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The Enemy Within.

This is what it has come to. Pritam Singh and the Board of Directors of Sea Shepherd USA are trying to serve me with papers to appear in court. They are seeking an injunction to not allow me to use my name as in the Captain Paul Watson Foundation on the grounds that my use of my own name represents unfair competition because it causes confusion in the minds of Sea Shepherd supporters and thus causes “irreparable” damage to their ability to raise money.

Sea Shepherd USA is seeking to bar me from being involved with marine conservation issues. They are also using Sea Shepherd funds to sue me in order to cost me in legal fees.

They already have claimed I have no right to the name I created or the logos I designed.

I have been through numerous legal conflicts in my life, with Japanese whalers, Canadian sealers, Illegal fishing operations, and shark finners. I won all the those cases in court.

I never thought or imagined that the organization I founded would ever file an injunction to prevent me from doing the work that I have been doing for over 45 years.

I never thought that in all my long history of successful controversial conflicts with whalers, sealers, and poachers that my own creation would turn on me to silence and cancel me because I refused to back down on my aggressive non-violent approach to stopping high seas criminals.

I have never compromised with whalers, sealers and poachers and I will not compromise with these people who seized control of the Sea Shepherd Board of Directors and who are now trying to do what the whalers, sealers and poachers have never been able to do – to silence me.

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