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Penguins on Floating Ice

Safeguarding the Legacy: The Captain Paul Watson Foundation

At the heart of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation is a steadfast commitment to advancing the enduring vision of Captain Paul Watson—a vision deeply rooted in direct action for oceanic preservation. With a focus that spans from education to frontline conservation efforts, we document critical research and forge alliances that span NGOs, governments, and global institutions like the United Nations. Our agile team ensures that our mission remains pure and potent, free from the tangles of excess bureaucracy.

The 3 Laws of Ecology


The Law of Diversity

The strength of an eco-system is dependent upon the diversity of species within it.


The Law of Interdependence

All species depend on each other for survival.


The Law of Finite Resources

There are limits to growth and limits to carrying capacity.

Action Not Words

Action Over Words: Our Oceans, Our Responsibility

The seas whisper tales of diminishment, echoing a stark truth: our survival is intricately linked to the health of the oceans. For over five decades, Captain Paul Watson has been the vanguard of the seas, courageously halting unlawful activities that threaten marine life. His legacy of 'aggressive non-violence' has seen the cessation of whale hunts in sanctuaries and the shutdown of countless illicit operations worldwide. As a pivotal figure in marine conservation, founding Sea Shepherd and co-founding Greenpeace, Captain Watson's unwavering resolve has championed the oceans' cause. The Captain Paul Watson Foundation is the new chapter, continuing these vital efforts with renewed vigor and emphasizing nimble, effective action.

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