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Thank you everyone for your kind messages of support.

The strength of the international community we have built is overwhelming. That is what makes our campaigns so very effective.

I am presently working on how best to continue defending the Ocean .

My resignation from SSCS (USA) is a difficult situation but one that has a bright side. Although I will no longer be employed by, associated with, or representing the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the United States, I will continue to support the officers and crews of all the Sea Shepherd Global ships.

The current Board of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (USA) has made the decision to pursue a different course. I do not support these changes in our objectives and actions. Sea Shepherd Global continues the original mission, doing what we have been doing since I first established Sea Shepherd in 1977.

This means addressing illegal activities at sea through a strategy of aggressive non-violence and through documentation, intervention, confrontation, research and partnerships within the boundaries of practicality and the law.

I am confident that my work will continue in the future. I am confident that Sea Shepherd Global will continue to pursue campaigns in the manner that has proven to be highly effective.

As a leader in addressing climate change issues, I will continue to write, lecture and act on the threat of climate change to the ocean and to our survival.

Thank you for your concern and efforts to defend life in the ocean. Together, no matter what course of action we pursue, you can trust that that we are making a difference. We have created the largest global movement of marine conservation on the planet, something that I am immensely proud of.

What I created in 1977 is now a global movement led today by passionately courageous people. An individual can be removed. A single organization’s goals can be changed, but a movement is unstoppable.

Our movement will endure, becoming stronger, more effective, and more determined. The stakes are too high for us to be compromised by trivialities.

If the Ocean dies, we all die!

We cannot afford to not act.

Captain Paul Watson

Founder – Sea Shepherd 1977.

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