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I have something special to share with you for my birthday...

Since my departure from Sea Shepherd, I’ve been fighting every day to get a strong ship in the water to continue my foundation’s mission of direct-action ocean conservation, fighting illegal poaching on the high seas.

Well after many months of regrouping, we did it. With help from supporters like you and John Paul DeJoria’s Peace, Love, & Happiness Foundation, The Captain Paul Watson Foundation has acquired its first ship: The John Paul DeJoria II. We are working day and night to prepare it for its first campaign on the high seas and we cannot wait to see the JPD II in action.

Captain Paul Watson and NEPTUNE’S NAVY are back to stay. The fight isn’t over and we will continue to fight until our last breath.

We hope you can celebrate this enormous feat and my birthday with me by donating to the CPWF so we can continue to disrupt, confront, and stop illegal fishing operations on the high seas.

This is our calling and we hope you make it yours too because...



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