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Another (yawn) Climate Change Conference next month.

This time however it's going to be different.

How can it go wrong with Coca-Cola as an official sponsor?

I mean why not have one of the planet's top polluters as a sponsor?

This company produces 200,000 plastic bottles per minute amounting to some 3 million tons of plastic every year.

The company sells over 470 billion plastic bottles a year.

The sugary poison will be flowing freely at the conference for all those thirsty "environmentalists" once again engaged in the fruitless, endless, litany of false hopes and promises that these COP conferences spew out.

I attended COP 21 back in 2015 in Paris where the fishing industry was sponsoring the Ocean forum where I spoke and where anything I had to say was most definitely not welcome.

Who next? Monsanto, Shell, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford?

This reminds me of the 1992 U.N. Conference on the Environment and Development in Brazil where Maurice Strong of Petro-Canada was an organizer and one of the sponsors was MacDonalds. Every single promise made at that meeting never materialized.

These COP meetings have achieved absolutely nothing but false promises and I speak as someone who was there in Stockholm at the very first U.N. Environmental Conference where young people were urged to get involved, but not too much involved. You can hold a sign that says, "Save the Whales" but don't go out to sea to actually save the whales.

The hurricanes keep getting stronger, the flood waters keep getting higher, the reservoirs keep getting lower, the forest fires keep getting more intense, biodiversity continues to diminish, human populations continue to rise as more and climate migrants struggle to escape the places they were born.

And the meetings continue, and more meetings and more meetings, more talks, more promises, more pledges, more photo ops for world leaders and more marketing of products that contribute to climate chaos.

Last year Boris Johnson said it was just one minute to midnight on the climate change doomsday clock. Maybe they will make progress and announce that it is now 30 seconds to midnight.

After the speech, Johnson did absolutely nothing to address the threat, nor did any other leader. Putin started a war, arms manufacturing increased fracking increased, lithium mining increased, the oil pumps kept pumping, the coal plants kept spewing and an American Senate candidate said the problem was good American air was drifting to China and dirty Chinese air was moving to America and a former President said windmills cause cancer.

We are trying to find real solutions in a swamp of stupidity where only money talks.

And the money will continue to talk, next year and the year after next year. Cop 27 next month on to COP 28, 29, ..... to COP 50. Corporations will be competing to be the official sponsor.

An industry has been created employing lobbyists, delegates, educators. publicists, advertisers, and marketeers all to promote solutions that are never realized. You have to marvel at the sheer audacity of someone successfully promoting Coke-Cola as an official sponsor for COP 27

The only thing they can agree on is that Extinction Rebellion is too extreme and we need to be more upbeat about the future because technology will save the day or we can all move to Mars.

On the bright side, delegates can visit the pyramids where they can sit in the desert sand contemplating the death of the Nile with a nice complimentary cold plastic bottle of Coca-Cola in hand.

And the money will continue to talk


# COP27

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