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So sad to see that the Bob Barker is now heading to Turkey to be scrapped.

After more than a decade of high seas confrontations including blocking the refueling of the Japanese whaling ship Nisshin Maru in 2013, the legendary Bob Barker will soon be a a pile of scrap.

I'm grateful that my flagship the Steve Irwin was rescued from such an ignoble fate thanks to Kerrie Goodall and Ship4Good in Australia.

This last year has seen the scrapping of:

1. The M/V John Paul DeJoria

2 The M/V Sharpie

3. The M/V White Holly

4. The selling of the Brigitte Bardot

and now the soon to be scrapping of the M/V Bob Barker.

The loss of these five good ships is a serious loss to marine conservation.

I opposed the scrapping of these boats and the selling off of the Brigitte Bardot but I was not allowed to vote on the decision.

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