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What I created has been stolen by deceit and treachery.

The thieves will need to live with their betrayal. There is no honour for those who steal what another has created.

They have stolen the name that I created. They have stolen the logo I designed.

What they have not been able to steal is the passion, the imagination, the courage and the persistence that made Sea Shepherd what it once was.

Those virtues survive in the many former shipmates, volunteers and supporters who have joined me in establishing the Captain Paul Watson Foundation.

These virtues survive with the Sea Shepherd groups that have made the decision to work in partnership with my Foundation.

Sea Shepherd France, Sea Shepherd U.K., Sea Shepherd Brazil, Sea Shepherd Canada, Sea Shepherd Uruguay, Sea Shepherd Tahiti and Sea Shepherd New Caledonia.

My Foundation is also partnered with Parley for the Ocean.

Together we will continue our legacy of aggressive non-violence, we will continue to be confrontational and controversial. We will continue to make waves and we will continue to rock the boat.

Life in the Ocean is being diminished at an alarming rate, If the Ocean dies, we all die!

Now is not the time to be mediocre, now is not the time to be afraid to act. I dd not create Sea Shepherd to provide employment for bureaucrats and opportunists.

Yes, these mutineers forced me to walk the plank and to swim with the sharks but they forgot that the sharks are my friends leaving me liberated and more importantly more motivated than ever.

No more compromises, no more being used to greenwash governments, no more secret deals and betrayals.

I have been a fighter all of my life. They thought that I would go quietly into the night. They never really knew me.

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