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Operation ICE STORM / 24

Kristján Loftsson, the wealthiest and most politically influencial man in Iceland, has ignited a storm of controversy in the North Atlantic.

Most Icelanders are against killing whales. The Icelandic government is opposed to killing whales, but Kristjan Loftsson is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is to kill endangered Fin whales.

Commercial whaling was outlawed in 1986 when the Internation Whaling Commission (IWC) declared a global moratorium on whaling. Fin whales are universally protected under international conservation law.


Kristján Loftsson is confident that he will get what he wants.


We are confident that we can prevent him from doing what he wants. 


In two months, we will once again sail into the waters off Iceland to aggressively but non-violently intervene against the whale-killing machines. We've stopped Kristján Loftsson before - we cut his whaling fleet in half and saved hundreds of whales from his deadly harpoons. We now need to stop him for good.


There is a merciless storm threatening Fin whales in Icelandic waters, a storm of deadly explosive harpoons in the hands of a Cetacean serial killing fanatic. Our job is to calm these waters down and to make the North Atlantic a safe place for whales once again.  



Operation OCEAN KILLERS / 23

Unleashing havoc on our oceans, super trawlers are rapidly depleting marine resources and disrupting thriving ecosystems. These colossal factory ships leave a trail of destruction in their path, producing high rates of bycatch and throwing trophic levels into chaos, disrupting vital food chains and endangering marine life -all urgesnt issues that demand our attention.


We’re taking a stand against this environmental threat, calling for immediate protection for delicate marine ecosystems like the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel. Neptune’s Pirates are currently at sea with Sea Shepherd France, challenging the actions of these killing machines.

Operation bloody fjords / 23

Operation Bloody Fjords represents a resolute mission dedicated to safeguarding the cherished and remarkable lives of dolphins against a profoundly cruel mindset prevailing among certain communities deeply ingrained in the abhorrent practice of exterminating entire family pods of innocent and vulnerable, highly intelligent, and self-aware sentient beings.


Operation PAIAKAN / 23

Operation Paiakan is focused on saving 169 endangered Fin whales from being slaughtered by Hvalur hf, an Icelandic whaling company operated by Kristjá n Loftsson. Despite the global moratorium on commercial whaling established by the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Iceland continues to permit this. Operation Paiakan has been established in response. Through the use of aggressive non- violence and direct intervention, the Captain Paul Watson Foundation intends to uphold international conservation law to save the lives of 169 Fin whales.

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