A Polite Request to the Government of Iceland from Captain Paul Watson


The Captain Paul Watson Foundation is politely requesting that the Icelandic government not issue a permit to Kristján Loftsson to kill whales this summer for OPERATION ICE STORM.

If a permit is issued the Captain Watson Foundation’s ship the John Paul DeJoria will intercept and block any whaling ship that intends to kill an endangered Fin whale. This will be a potentially controversial confrontation that will not benefit Iceland’s image because it will be highlighting Iceland’s continued contempt for the International Whaling Commission and international public opinion.

Our intervention may trigger a response from the Icelandic Coast Guard to defend Loftsson’s ships thereby forcing a confrontation between the Icelandic Coast Guard and the Captain Paul Watson Foundation’s ship, John Paul DeJoria.

If any crew from the Captain Paul Watson Foundation are arrested this will provide for a trial in an Icelandic Court that will also be a forum for a trial in the International Court of Public Opinion that will serve the cause of shutting down illegal Icelandic whaling operations, illegal as defined by the Global Ban on Commercial Whaling imposed by the International Whaling Commission in 1986.

We understand that Kristján Loftsson claims to have a great deal of political influence and we are concerned that the Icelandic government has refrained from denying the permit, a permit that Loftsson has stated he is quite confident that he will receive.

Our ships and crews are ready to intervene as we await a decision from the government of Iceland on the issuing of a permit to illegally slaughter endangered Fin whales by Loftsson’s whaling company.

It’s time for the criminal whaling operations by Kristján Loftsson to be permanently ended. It’s time for Iceland to become a whale conservation nation instead of a whale-killing nation.

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