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Finding solutions to address the diminishment of diversity and interdependence in marine eco-systems.


Encontrar soluciones para hacer frente a la disminución de las poblaciones de fitoplancton en el mar.


Finding solutions to address the illegal, unreported and unregulated commercial fishing operations.


Finding solutions to address the impact of climate change on oceanic eco-systems.


Encontrar soluciones para abordar formas de eliminar plásticos, desechos de pesca y redes fantasma de los ecosistemas marinos.


Finding solutions to address the impact of noise pollution on marine life and problem of acidification in the sea.


Finding solutions to address the unlawful killing of marine mammals.


Finding solutions to protecting sea turtle nests from poachers, sea-bird populations from illegal fishing and ingestation of plastics.


Encontrar soluciones para proteger especies en peligro crítico en ecosistemas marinos.


Encontrar soluciones para proteger los sistemas globales de arrecifes de coral del daño de la acidificación, las especies invasoras, la contaminación y el cambio climático. 


Investigar, documentar y producir películas, libros y más para abordar la conservación y protección de especies y ecosistemas marinos.


Working with government partners to find solutions to stop poaching activities with in established economic zones.


Trabajar con las Naciones Unidas y otras organizaciones internacionales para encontrar soluciones para detener la caza furtiva en áreas más allá de la nación de acuerdo con la Carta Mundial de la Naturaleza de las Naciones Unidas.


Funding research into addressing threats to marine ecosystems and operating ships and aircraft to document illegal activities on the high seas.


Working with scientists, filmmakers, historians, communicators, environmentalists and conservationists to find solutions to addressing the threats facing marine species and marine eco-systems.

Join Our Crusade for Ocean Conservation

Your passion and expertise, whether as a student, scientist, advocate, or ocean enthusiast, are the lifeblood of our mission at the Captain Paul Watson Foundation. Dive into a sea of possibilities by engaging with our diverse programs, campaigns, and educational resources. Unite with us to spread awareness and ignite action in your community.

Innovation and collaboration are our anchors in the storm. Your groundbreaking ideas in technology, science, and storytelling are the sails that drive us toward a sustainable marine future. By donating, you fuel our research vessels and operations, which are crucial in our fight to document and combat illegal activities in our oceans.

Raise your voice for the voiceless—advocate for policies that ensure the protection of our oceanic treasures. Become part of a dedicated network of experts and activists working tirelessly to solve the most pressing marine challenges.

Take a stand through direct action. Participate in clean-ups, champion protected areas, and confront activities that harm our waters. Keep a pulse on marine conservation by subscribing to updates and joining our events. Your journey with us begins with a single step towards safeguarding the oceans. Act now, for their survival and ours hinges on every action we take

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