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Thank you Ric O'Barry

Greetings from the jungles of North Bali, Paul.

I can relate, mate. What you are going through happened to me twice!

Between you and I we have about 100 years of real activism for the critters and their habitat. The money grubbers who highjacked our organizations have no years of activism. None!

Damn the fake activists, full speed ahead!

- Ric

Ric O'Barry says

SEPTEMBER 5, 2022 AT 4:31 AM

With pro-captivity cheerleader Dr. Diana Reiss now on the board of directors of Sea Shepherd, don’t be surprised to see Sea Shepherd T-shirts and other merchandise for sale in dolphinariums and zoos in the future. Diana is a proud member of the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums).

I’m standing with Paul during these trying times.

Paul & I don’t always agree on everything, but we agree on most things. Especially the need to abolish the dolphin slave trade. When it comes to direct action, we remain brothers in arms. That won’t change.

Real activists always show up. I don’t see anyone on the new Sea Shepherd board of directors who have ever done that.

– Ric

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