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Thank You to The Amazing Dr. Sylvia Earle

Oceanographer and lifelong ambassador for life and diversity in the sea.

Sylvia and I are both in Dana Point this weekend, speaking at Story Tellers at the Ohana Festival and I am very happy to receive her support and her understanding of how important it is to continue to do what we have been doing by taking an aggressive, confrontational approach to combatting the crimes exploiting resources and life in the Ocean.

For the many years that I have known Sylvia she has always been fiercely outspoken about how important it is to defend and protect all life in the sea. She has also been an inspiration to millions of young people, urging them to get involved and to participate in the great challenge of marine conservation.

This remarkable woman who has descended to the deepest part of the Ocean has borne witness to the decades of diminishment and has given her strength, her knowledge and her courage to doing all that she can for the greatest cause that there is facing our collective survival - working to prevent the collapse of marine eco-systems.

Her support for the Captain Paul Watson Foundation is very much appreciated and has motivated me even more to continue to direct action, to be controversial and to make waves.

For we both understand that if the Ocean dies, we all die!

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