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A big and awesome thank you to:

Sea Shepherd France

Sea Shepherd UK

Sea Shepherd Brazil

Sea Shepherd Austria

& Sea Shepherd Tahiti

For your loyal and much appreciated support for the establishment of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation.

Going forward it will be wonderful to continue to work with you and we will continue to be controversial, we will continue to rock the boat and make waves. You can count on my support.

I want Sea Shepherd to be strong, undiminished and consistently true to the course of direct action in defense of life in the sea. We need Sea Shepherd groups that resist the pressure to conform, to compromise and to forget where we came from.

The threats to life in the sea have never been greater. Sea Shepherd France and the Sea Shepherd UK need ships to protect whales, dolphins and seals and to stop industrialized destructive fishing operations. Sea Shepherd Brazil needs a river boat to defend life in the Amazon.

We need to end the horrific slaughter of dolphins and pilot whales in the Faroes and in Taiji, Japan. We need to shut down Icelandic whaling and eradicate the obscenity of whaling from this planet forever. We need to continue to remove the destructive ghost nets and plastic debris and we need to restore coral reefs, sea grasses and fish populations.

So much to be done and the Captain Paul Watson Foundation will work with any Sea Shepherd entity towards finding impossible solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Let's relaunch our Navy, stronger than ever before.

When the Ocean dies, our children die!

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