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My favorite Continent - Antarctica.

I led campaigns to the Southern Ocean in 2002, 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 and 2012. Nine campaigns in all for a total of 36 months in total.

We traveled tens of thousands of miles through the cold and remote waters south of 40, south of 50 and south of 60. Visited Shackelton's shack and Mawson's camp and paid a visit twice to the French Antarctic base.

Scott Island, The Bay of Whales, the Ross Ice Shelf, McMurdo Sound. Awesome storms, Orcas, whales, penguins, Leopard seals and so many birds - Truly the most beautiful continent on the planet.

It was our greatest achievement, driving the Japanese whaling fleet from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and now the Sanctuary is actually a sanctuary.

I performed a marriage on Scott Island, scattered Bob Hunter's ashes on a tabletop Iceberg along with his daughter Emily. Scattered my brother Stephen.s ashes on Scott Island along with his daughter Hillary. We did a search and rescue operation for he sunken yacht Bezerk, celebrated the 100th anniversary of Amundsen's expedition to the Pole in the Bay of whales. And we gave hundreds of brave volunteers the opportunity to see the wonders of Antarctica, the magnificent icebergs and the diversity and abundance of wildlife.

We also visited Auckland Island, Heard Island, Kergulen Islands, Cocos Keeling Island, and the Antipodes.

Of all the voyages throughout my life in the Pacific, the Atlantic, The Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Red Sea, the Baltic and so many other places, the waters of Antarctica are the most memorable adventures of my life.

Someday I hope to return and if the Japanese whalers return, we will most certainly return.

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