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Kristján Loftsson intends to kill up to

169 endangered Fin whales THIS SUMMER.

We intend to stop him! Commercial whaling is a violation of the International Whaling Commission’s global moratorium on commercial whaling. Icelandic whaling is a crime. The Captain Paul Watson Foundation has established Operation Paiakan for the purpose of protecting these endangered Fin whales from Loftsson’s merciless harpoons.

The campaign is named in honor of the heroic whale "Payakan" in James Cameron’s movie Avatar – The Way of WaterIn 1989, Captain Watson worked with the late Kayapo Chief Paulinho Paiakan to oppose the Karoa Dam Project in Amazonia. "I’m not sure, but I assume that Cameron’s knowledge of the struggles in Amazonia could have been the inspiration for naming the Pandorian whale – Payakan. What I do know is that the man Paiakan was a friend, an inspiration for myself and a Warrior for Nature. Paiakan, a warrior for the rainforests was a fervent supporter of our efforts to defend life in the sea. Loftsson is killing Fin whales to market the meat to tourists in Iceland and to ship to markets in Japan." The Captain Paul Watson Foundation has a good, strong and fast ship - the John Paul DeJoria II thanks to the generosity of philanthropist John Paul DeJoria. We have a solid crew of veteran marine conservation activists. We have 50 years of experience opposing whaling operations around the world. Most importantly we have the imagination, the courage and the passion to make this campaign successful and with your help we will be successful. We need operating costs and if possible, we could use a 2nd ship.

In May 2023, the John Paul DeJoria II will depart for the waters off Iceland and as Loftsson attempts to hunt Fin whales, we will hunt Loftsson’s killer ships.  We won’t be violent, but we will aggressively block the

harpoons for the entire three-month slaughter season. Our mission is to save the lives of Fin whales and to uphold international conservation law. Will it be risky? Of course. The life of an endangered

Fin whale is worth the risk and we have been taking risk for half a century to protect and defend whales.

If the Icelanders intercept and capture us we will use the Icelandic courts to put Iceland on trial for their unlawful slaughter of whales. We ask our crew if they are willing to risk their life and freedom

to save a whale and if they say no, they are not part of the crew. It takes courage to face down explosive harpoons and we have a crew of men and women ready to do so.


We can save these whales

from Loftsson’s deadly harpoons.

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