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The Official Captain Paul Watson Foundation

Defending sea life and preventing illegal operations across the Ocean.

We promote and further the legacy of the world’s most iconic anti-poaching and anti-whaling strategist Captain Paul Watson through the protection and conservation of the Ocean via direct intervention supported by education, documentation, research activities and partnerships with other NGOs, governments and international institutions.



The Captain Paul Watson Foundation is a public charity whose purpose is to support, intervene, educate, and raise awareness regarding Ocean conservation.

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation (CPWF) stands as the unyielding protector of our oceans. With unwavering dedication, it educates and enlightens, unapologetically exposing the merciless exploitation of marine ecosystems and species. The CPWF is not just a nonprofit—it's a global anti-poaching powerhouse.


In harmony with the United Nations World Charter for Nature, this foundation is run with minimal bureaucracy, and deploys the power of media to ignite awareness. It stands shoulder to shoulder with environmentalists and conservationists, battling the menaces of illegal fishing and poaching. Efficiency is its weapon, and Captain Paul Watson's "aggressive nonviolence" is its strategy. The crew are Neptune's Pirates, the fierce and determined protectors of the sea.


Every resource is a weapon in the CPWF arsenal—funding scientific research, launching daring ship operations, conducting relentless investigations, and fueling online and land-based campaigns. It tackles critical threats to oceans: biodiversity loss, phytoplankton decline, illegal fishing, climate change impacts, plastic and noise pollution, ocean acidification, safeguarding sea turtles, seabirds, endangered species, and the world's coral reefs. 


The CPWF is our beacon of hope, a rallying cry for those who cherish our oceans. It leads the unwavering charge in the battle to secure a thriving future for the lifeblood of our planet.


The mission:

Motivated by passion, guided by courage, and inspired by imagination we have become a force to be reckoned with as we continue to do what Captain Paul Watson has done since 1977 and that is to aggressively and non-violently intervene and to stop illegal activities that exploit and destroy life in the sea.

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